In order to inform DCCAH programming, we are seeking to:

— Engage in discussion about the long-term sustainability of the arts and humanities in the District of Columbia

— Create working session with the community to inform the grants process

— Expand outreach to residents and cultural community

— Keep record of suggestions and recommendations provided to further inform future DCCAH program and activities

To assist us in this process, please complete the narrative questions below.

* 1. Exploring current challenges within the cultural community. Provide top five?

* 2. Long-term stabilization of cultural infrastructure. What does this mean to the District of Columbia?

* 3. Funding dilemmas. How can current available funding support growth within the District’s arts community?

* 4. Future planning. How do we set the direction for the future understanding the fluctuation in the DCCAH budget from year to year?

* 5. Did you apply for a grant for FY 2013?

* 6. Did you apply for an individual or organizational grant?

* 7. What was the grant program(s) you applied for? (You may select more than one)

* 8. If you applied for a grant in FY 2013, was this your first time applying with the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities?

* 9. How many years have you(individual artist) or your organization been based in Washington, DC?

* 10. In which Ward are you(individual artist) or your organization based?