1. Brief Introduction to the Commitment to Children Audit

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_About the Commitment to Children Audit

The Commitment to Children Audit (CCA) is a GMC-led project to develop an innovative and powerful outreach and advocacy tool that will measure the level of commitment governments have vis-à-vis children. Based on the CRC, the CCA will focus on highlighting disparities in the country and measuring governments' performance against their economic neighbours.

The CCA is made up of two key processes: the Inernational Audit, that will be based on internationally comparable data to produce a world ranking on governments' commitment to children; and the National Audit, which will complement the international analysis and make a more qualitative assessment.

The first draft of the CCA has been prepared over the past year by an international group of experts and aims to open up debate and verify the applicability and usefulness of the concept within the GMC.

FOR FURHTER INFORMATION ON THE CCA PLEASE GO TO: http://www.slideshare.net/globalmovementforchildren/cca-intro-and-content-jun11

_About this Consultation

Open until SEPTEMBER 4TH, we invite all organizations working for child rights at all levels to participate in the definition of the CCA.

Going through the questions requires about 30 minutes. We kindly ask you to take part in this important process by SEPTEMBER 4TH and answer the questions carefully and wholeheartedly.

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