Call for Comments
May 2023 Proposed Interpretations of 2015 CAAHEP Standards

The CoAEMSP developed interpretations for the following CAAHEP Standards during its May 2023 Board of Directors meeting and encourages all Paramedic educational programs and interested parties to carefully read the interpretation for each of the specified CAAHEP Standards listed below and submit comments.  The CoAEMSP will give careful consideration to the comments received for each interpretation.  Please Note: All comments are for the interpretation to the CAAHEP Standard not the CAAHEP Standard itself.

The public comment period will last forty-five (45) days and all comments will be reviewed during the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting (see CoAEMSP Policy XVII Interpretations of CAAHEP Standards).  Therefore, this public comment period will end July 24, 2023 and all comments will be reviewed during the August 2023 CoAEMSP Board of Directors Meeting.

The call for comments are for the Interpretations for the following CAAHEP Standards:
  • Standard I.B. Consortium Sponsor
  • Standard III.B.1.a.6. Program Director Responsibilities
  • Standard III.C.1. Curriculum
  • Standard V.C. Safeguards
  • Standard V.F. Agreements

Thank you for your interest in Paramedic educational program accreditation.