The COmputational Modeling in BIology NEtwork (COMBINE) is an initiative to coordinate the development of the various community standards and formats used to exchange models, initially in Systems Biology and related fields. By doing so, the federated projects will develop a set of interoperable and non-overlapping standards covering all the aspects of computational modelling, at every scale, in every field of biology, in a similar way as the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops standards for the Web. COMBINE organises common meetings, will design common Standard Operating Procedures and provide support for development and implementation of the technical specifications. COMBINE will present a unique voice to interact with funders, other standardisation bodies, corporate stakeholders and end users.

The two main meetings of COMBINE are:

  • The annual COMBINE forum, a scientific event where the whole community gathers to present results and tools, discuss ongoing and future development etc.
  • The HAckathon on Resources for MOdeliNg in biologY (HARMONY), a more technical gathering, is devoted to developing software support, discussing technical points of the standard specifications etc.

The first COMBINE forum took place in October 2010, lasting 4 days, and involving 81 participants. The first HARMONY hackathon took place in April 2011, lasting 5 days, and gathering 59 enthusiasts. Following these resounding successes, several entities offered to host future meetings. However, the scale of the event also shed light on a few logistical problems. We can no longer organise these meeting as friendly informal gatherings between collaborators. The purpose of the current form is to start discussions about possible meeting organisation. It must be emphasized that many factors are taken into account in the organisation of those meetings, such as location of the ICSB, previous meetings, continental rotation etc. Therefore, this is not a simple competition for the “highest bidder”.

If you would like to provide the information in a different format than filling out this form, please feel free to do so. This form illustrates the kind of information we would like to know.

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