Welcome to the Columbus Strategic Parking Plan Survey!

The City of Columbus is currently undergoing a Strategic Parking Plan that covers Downtown, Franklinton, South of Downtown Neighborhoods (German Village, Brewery District, and South Side), and the University District.

This planning process will develop a unique framework for operating and managing parking to provide a high-quality customer experience and support vibrant, accessible, and thriving neighborhoods. The process was initiated through the City of Columbus and is being guided by a Task Force made up of residents and business owners from each study area.  This plan will serve as a template for the City of Columbus Division of Parking Services to – in conjunction with neighborhood stakeholders – evaluate and implement specific parking management changes.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this online survey - community input and engagement is vital to the success and outcomes of the plan. Additionally, we invite you to share your unique experiences and contributions in this survey and the online interactive mapping tool available HERE.

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* 1. Which study area do you represent or live in?