Dear Beekeeper
Corona Virus COVID-19. Please keep safe and well. It is OK for beekeepers to help each other complete this survey. However please remember the safe social distancing requirements.
This survey is part of an INTERNATIONAL survey of colony losses. If you are a beekeeper based in IRELAND, please complete our survey. If you are a beekeeper who is not based in IRELAND, please search for and complete the survey being carried out in your country.
Your contribution to this annual survey on colony losses is much appreciated.  At various points in the questionnaire below, there are points of Information marked in RED. We have also added a few points of ADVICE in Blue. Please read these carefully. Hopefully these will explain the logic of the questions that follow. Please try to complete all the questions as this will allow not only the number of winter colony losses to be calculated, but will also contribute to identifying the possible causes for these losses.
Advice: you will be asked for numbers of colonies prior to winter 2019-2020, and the numbers that survived the winter. You will also be asked about which treatments you used (if any), and when you used them. It might be worth writing down those figures before you start the Questionnaire.
Please note that the questionnaire will also be available in this month's (May 2020) edition of An Beachaire. However it is important that each beekeeper only completes the survey once EITHER the paper version, or, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, this web version.
To complete the questionnaire you need answer or not answer the questions on each page until you arrive at a button at the end saying DONE. Once you have completed the questionnaire and pressed DONE, that is it, and thank you!
Advice: PLEASE PRESS THE DONE BUTTON ONCE ONLY. Every time you press the DONE button, Survey Monkey records this as a separate submission. So, please do this ONCE only. If you discover you submitted wrong figures and wish to revise your data then do so but put a note after your name to say USE THIS. We will then delete your earlier response.
If two or more people respond from the same computer - this is allowed and welcome - then please give your names or say beekeeper1, beekeeper2, etc., so that we know this is intended.
Thank you
Mary F Coffey