In October of 2020, Carson City Public Works distributed a Needs Assessment Survey to residents in the vicinity of Colorado Street. The results are available online at: This is the second survey to collect comments on corridor improvements being considered as a result of the Needs Assessment Survey in October.

The Colorado Street roadway and sidewalk infrastructure, between S. Carson Street and Saliman Road, is in poor condition. The Carson City Regional Transportation Commission has allocated funding to make improvements and needs your help to ensure improvements to Colorado Street serve the needs of residents now and into the future. The project is scheduled to begin design this Winter (2021) and construction is anticipated for Spring 2022.

This short survey will provide information on design options being considered for Colorado Street; please comment on which options you like or don’t like (you may like all, some, or none).
The October 2020 Needs Assessment Survey identified the following focus areas for the Colorado Street Rehabilitation Project.
  • Pedestrian Safety Enhancements - improve sidewalk conditions and connectivity
  • Pavement Rehabilitation & Preservation Improvements - improve pavement condition
  • Corridor Street Lighting Enhancements - improve nighttime visibility
  • Traffic Calming - reduce speeds and influence driver behavior
A balanced approach between pavement rehabilitation and safety enhancements will be necessary to distribute the limited funding among all needs.