* 1. Where did you go to college?

* 3. When you applied to college, did you use any of the following? (please select all that apply)

* 4. When you were filling out college applications, would it have been useful to see applications info (e.g. test scores, essays, academic honors) of students who have already been accepted to those colleges?

* 5. How much would you, or your parents, have paid for the application info (including essays) of a current student? Select ALL prices you might pay.

* 6. Have you ever shared your application process or info with someone applying to your school? Select all that apply.

* 7. As a college student/alum, what would it take for you to share your old application info with high school students? Select all that apply.

* 8. Would you be willing to share the following info?

  YES MAYBE, if it will help me make more money NO N/A
Profile photo
First name
GPA range (but not exact number)
Class rank
Standardized test scores
Test scores range (but not exact numbers)
AP/IB Test scores
Academic Honors
Extracurricular activities
Leadership positions and awards
Work experience
Essay/personal statement topics
Essay/personal statement excerpts
Description of how you chose recommendation letters
Diversity elements (aspects of your application that highlight your diverse background)
Legacy status
Test prep/admission prep you used
List of schools you applied to
List of schools you were accepted to
Scholarships received

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