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* 1. Below are common challenges innovators face in collaborative innovation. Please indicate how significant you feel these Collaborative Innovation challenges are:

  Insignificant  Slightly 
Mobilizing innovators from multiple organizations to collaborate around common important problems
Sharing community best practices and knowledge between communities
Precisely defining and prioritizing shared problems
Searching and procuring effective solutions
Building a pipeline of innovations from ideas to implementation
Translating research and development into revenue generating products or services

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* 2. Below are common services innovators are using to help solve their challenges. Please rank these Collaborative Innovation services in order of most valuable to least (Drag and drop each item to the preferred order)

Innovation leaders have struggled to put a value on Collaborative Innovation services. The following questions will help to discern the value for the community. For the following services, how much do you think they would be worth?

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* 3. Service #1: Communities of Practice

Build a repository of best practices, tools and case studies in an area of focus for the innovation community.

Cost of the platform and professional implementation services per community per year

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* 4. Service #2: Solution Generation

Engage a global community of innovators using managed crowdsourcing to curate and procure implementable solutions.

Cost of the platform and professional implementation services per ideation engagement

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