General Questions

The Coldwater Township Planning Commission is in the process of updating the Township Master Plan.  The plan serves as a general guide to growth and development in the community.  It is very important that we have as much input from the community as possible.  We ask for your cooperation in completing our online confidential survey, as your participation will help make the Township a better place to live, work, and play. The survey form should be completed by an adult. 

* 1. In which quadrant of Coldwater Township do you live? (see map below)


* 2. What is your age? 

* 3. Where do you work? 

* 4. Including yourself, how many people live in your household (Please check one)

* 5. Do you have any children under 18 living at home?

* 6. Is anyone in your household over 65?

* 7. Do you own or rent your dwelling?

* 8. What type of dwelling and lot size do you have?

* 9. How long have you owned/rented your dwelling in Coldwater Township?

* 10. From the following list, please select the most important reason(s) you have chosen to live in Coldwater Township (check all that apply):

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33% of survey complete.