The 2019 A Home for Everyone (AHFE) Renewal Project Survey is to be completed by Continuum of Care (CoC) renewal projects as part of the CoC rating and ranking process. This process is designed to assess project-level performance and the impact of individual projects on system-wide effectiveness. You can find an overview of the process and criteria used to rate and rank projects, along with the rubric that will be used to score survey responses, online at

The data used to rate and rank renewal projects are taken from the local Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) or the separate Comparable Database used by victim service providers, the Operating Budget Survey, and this Renewal Project Survey. The questions included here are to help us understand the work organizations and projects are doing in the areas of consumer engagement, advancing racial equity and cultural responsiveness, and implementing participant-centered service delivery models, as well as the degree to which projects are spending down grant funds. The AHFE Resource Advisory Committee (RAC) developed these questions, along with the rating and ranking criteria, to align with both HUD and AHFE priorities.

The 2019 survey is substantively similar to the 2018 survey, with some key differences informed by an in-depth review of the survey and scoring process conducted by the RAC and AHFE staff. You can find an overview of the changes made to the survey online at You are strongly encouraged to refer to your project’s 2018 responses in answering the 2019 questions.

Your responses should focus on your implementation of the project. If you implement the project solely through your own organization, your responses should reflect your organization’s experience, performance and capacity. If you implement the project with additional partners that receive funds as subgrantees or otherwise directly partner in service delivery, please reflect the collective experience, performance and capacity of all project partners (including your organization) when answering questions.

You may want to complete the survey in a word document and then paste narrative responses into SurveyMonkey to avoid losing work. Please note that all narrative responses have a character limit, which is included in the question and built into the survey in SurveyMonkey. Projects that include subgrantees or other organizations that directly partner in service delivery can request an expanded character limit if needed – please reach out to Erin Pidot with this request. Please be concise (feel free to use bullet points) and provide concrete, substantive and current examples that are relevant to the project whenever possible.

Organizations that manage multiple CoC renewal projects should complete a survey for each project unless all answers are the same across projects. If the answer to some (but not all) questions are the same across projects, feel free to submit the same responses to those questions across multiple surveys. 

All surveys are due by Wednesday, May 8, at 12:00 PM (noon).

With questions, please contact Erin Pidot at or 503-988-2524.