Colorado’s new science alternate assessments are scheduled to begin in the spring of 2014. The alternate assessment is for students with a significant cognitive disability who qualify. These assessments will be designed to measure Colorado students’ scientific understanding and abilities in each of the three science standards (Physical Science, Life Science, and Earth Science) found in the Extended Evidence Outcomes (EEOs) of the Colorado Academic Standards (CAS). For each of the standards, items will be developed to measure students’ understanding and abilities at the level of the EEOs under the corresponding Grade Level Expectation. Please keep in mind that in line with the CAS, the frameworks for elementary and middle grades are grade level specific while the frameworks for high school are not. The concepts and skills in the CAS build across the years such that lower years’ standards are reflected in the standards for subsequent years. Due to this progression, concept and skill retention from previous years is inherent and will be expected. Therefore, it is important for students in all grades to have access to science and social studies concepts that build toward mastery.

This questionnaire solicits feedback in two main areas: 1) the percent distribution of points; and 2) the appropriateness of the inclusion of all of the EEOs. Feedback received will inform refinements of the assessment framework. Final assessment frameworks that include feedback from the field are expected to be released in late February.