A warm welcome to our coaching survey project!
The survey is conducted by an independent collaborative research team of coaches and the VW/SAIC VW Chair in HRM at Tongji University, Shanghai.

The survey will take 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

You will be able to interrupt and continue at a later stage. Please use the buttons "Prev" or "Next" on each page instead of your browser to navigate. The survey will be opened until January 31, 2016.

All survey participants will receive a free report of the findings in the spring of 2017.

Data protection and privacy guarantee
We guarantee to protect data and privacy by all means. Data are processed and anonymized by our academic lead at Tongji University. Analysis will be on aggregated level only and we guarantee that reports cannot be traced back to any single person.

We hope you will enjoy our survey. Thank you for your time and participation in the survey.   

The Project Team


Survey background

This 4th Coaching study in now 3 markets in Asia aims to bring more market insights and contribute to evolving the Asian coaching industry. 

What makes these surveys both interesting and unique is the design of the questions and the stakeholders participating. The survey is designed to reach and draw comprehensive perspectives from a wide and diverse range of stakeholders. For China we are now able to pick up trends over the last 6 years.

This survey will support companies to understand the value of coaching and to get a better perspective on how coaching can support them to motivate their staff and reduce employee turnover. For coaches, the survey is a source of insight about how companies perceive coaching. Such reflections will give coaches an edge into adjusting, fitting their services to the market demands. 

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