One of the goals of CNU's annual Congress is to hear the diverse voices of members and attendees sharing their questions, ideas, successes, challenges, and vision about how to better achieve the objectives of the New Urbanism. Open Innovation helps make this possible by providing opportunities for more people to get to microphone and share, unfiltered, the ideas that they are currently most passionate about.

Most of Open Innovation is organized as lightning rounds of presentations, with the intent to move through a lot of ideas in a concentrated session with great energy. Open Innovation also provides the opportunity for groups to propose new or uncommon session types at the Congress such as a team debate, workshop, drawing session, or something we haven't thought of yet!

Through this form, you can submit a topic you would like to speak on or an innovative session type you would like to organize at the Congress in Buffalo, June 4-7, 2014. Submissions are organized so that the presentation topics are related, albeit often loosely, with five to eight speakers (generally 6 minutes per presentation). Open Innovation sessions are breakout sessions in the regular Congress Program. (Click here for more details Open Innovation)

The submission period is open until March 5. Proposals submitted after this deadline will be added to a waiting list.

Before you continue with this form, be sure to have your idea and pertinent information of all expected participants at the ready (names, bios, emails, etc) in order to complete the submission process. See you in Buffalo! **Please email us at innovation@cnu.org with questions/comments.

* Title of My Idea:

* My idea in 60 words or less (This may be excerpted for the electronic and printed Program):

* My idea relates to the following broad topics (e.g. sustainability, mobility, implementation; note that excessive naming will not improve your proposal):

* I am proposing (select one):
* Projects or designs may be assigned a critic to respond in the session

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* Note: The next page will ask you for biographies and contact information for all of the featured participants and learning objectives (Click here for more information). Are you ready to continue?