Australian Rugby actively seeks ways to support, develop, and recognise our Rugby clubs and volunteers in developing and promoting our sport.

We understand the development of our clubs is integral to the success of Rugby Union in Australia.


The Club Health Check has been developed to assist Rugby clubs and volunteers in the continuous improvement of their club. The Club Health Check provides clubs with the following benefits.

1. Allows clubs to identify their own strengths and weaknesses through self-assessment,

2. Identifies club management practices in need of improvement, and enable clubs to be provided with a sample action plan of strategies/initiatives to address these practices, and

3. Recognises clubs for taking a holistic approach to club improvement by providing recognition through Club Health Awards.


Clubs are invited to self-assess their club management practices in six (6) key assessment areas that form the cornerstone of "best practice" club management, including:

A. RUGBY PLAYERS – Examining the importance of club planning, retaining/recruiting members, and providing pathway opportunities.

B. CLUB ADMINISTRATION – Developing the necessary administration procedures and governance to effectively manage a club.

C. RUGBY OPERATIONS – Emphasising the need to provide quality coaches/match officials, match management and match day medical.

D. CLUB FINANCES – Identifying quality finance practices, and focusing on revenue generation opportunities through fundraising, sponsorship and grants.

E. VOLUNTEERS – Ensuring best practice volunteer management practices are evident.

F. MARKETING AND PROMOTION – Raising profile and community awareness to benefit your club and members.

It must be remembered that a good mix across these key assessment areas is important for a club to be operating successfully.


Australian Rugby will recognise club achievements through the presentation of Club Health Awards.

GOLD 86% - 100%
SILVER 76% - 85%
BRONZE 66% - 75%
GREEN 51% - 65%
ENTRY 0% - 50%

11% of survey complete.