* 1. Child's First and Last Name

* 2. Child's Grade in WHC Religious School

* 3. Where does your child attend WHC Religious School? (This is where your child will be before a sunday Club 56 program begins)

* 4. Child's T-Shirt Size

* 5. Parent(s) First and Last Name(s)

* 6. Home Phone #

* 7. Parent Cell Phone #s

* 8. Parent Emails

* 9. Please provide the name and phone number of at least one contact person if a parent cannot be reached in case of an emergency.

* 10. Does your child have any known food or other allergies (including animals allergies)?

* 11. Please provide any pertinent medical or other information we should know.

* 12. Please note that if any of this information changes during the year it is the family’s responsibility to update us by calling 301-354-3217 or by emailing sblack@whctemple.org.

Remember that even though you will not need to fill out permission forms for each event, you still need to reserve a spot for your child by calling or emailing before the event!

* 13. I give my child permission to attend any and all of the following Washington Hebrew Congregation/Club 56 events and to be transported on the bus when required. My signature on this form demonstrates my agreement to waive the need to complete permission forms for each specific event. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless the staff and volunteers of Washington Hebrew Congregation should any harm come to my child during these events.