Thanks for participating in our "Cloud Ninja Bootcamps". Please fill out this form to reserve your seat. Our product experts will run a 4-hour interactive workshop in multiple cities to help you accelerate the adoption of VMware's operations management solution.
Each half-day bootcamp includes technical instructor led-presentations, hands-on-lab exercises, and guidance to help with upgrades to vRealize Operations 6.6. Technical experts will cover:
  • Persona based out-of-the-box dashboards (infrastructure, troubleshooting, and capacity). How workload balancing can help optimize resource contention across clusters – interactive sessions with HOLs, live dashboards.
  • How to manage and troubleshoot vSphere and vSAN native support and its configuration. SDDC monitoring with the SDDC Health Management Pack to monitor the full-stack from apps to hardware. New PCI and HIPAA vSphere compliance.
  • Cloud costing across private and public clouds such as AWS and Azure. Extensibility through management packs to gain insights into the performance and health of heterogeneous environments (servers, storage, applications)
  • Best practices when upgrading to vRealize Operations 6.6. Get 1:1 upgrade help to stay up to date with our latest technology
Thank you and look forward to your participation.
VMware Cloud Management Team

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* 8. How would you describe the level of vROps use (select the closest that applies)?
* Light Use (vSphere alerting, troubleshooting, idle/powered off VMs, reclamation reports)
* Moderate Use (Custom dashboards and alerts, workload balancing, DRS, management packs, remote collectors, super metrics, integration with tools such as vRealize Log Insight)
* Heavy Use (Customization by PSO, end point operations agents deployed, application management packs, capacity projects and planning, alerts forwarded to ticketing / other tools)

* 9. Please tell us which specific topics you want us to cover during these workshops.