* 1. What are the barriers to disadvantaged children's attainment and progress in your school?

* 2. What are you currently spending your pupil premium money on? Please identify key ways of pupil premium spend which you think will help other headteachers.

* 3. Have you any evidence-based impact of that spending? What are the key ways of gathering evidence?

* 4. How do you evaluate the impact of spend and who is involved in the evaluation? What key ways is the impact of spend evaluated? What key people are involved in the evaluation?

* 5. What has worked well?

* 6. How are you using the Pupil Premium to support higher attainers?

* 7. What would you do differently next time?

* 8. What could be done by the LA / other agencies to support you?

* 9. Please add any contextual issues that you feel affect the above.

* 10. Please fill in your contact details below.

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