Client - Program

We want to hear what YOU think about the program you have just completed at DYSS.
You can ask a staff for help completing it.
The information you give will be used to help us offer the best programs.
For each questions, please choose a number between 1 and 5.
1= Strongly Disagree  2= Disagree  3= Neutral  4= Agree  5= Strongly Agree

* 1. Program (ask your counsellor)

* 2. Please check what program you participated in

Section One: What I think about the program

* 3. I liked being in the program

* 4. I understood the program goals

* 5. The program helped me

* 6. I felt safe in the program

* 7. The program met my needs

* 8. I liked the program building and program materials

* 9. Select the words that best describe the program. (Select all that apply)

Section Two: What I think about the staff

* 10. My Counsellor(s) were friendly

* 11. My Counsellor(s) listened to me

* 12. My Counsellor(s) were always fair to me

* 13. My Counsellor(s) always helped me

* 14. I felt respected by my counsellor(s)

* 15. My counsellor(s) set limits when necessary

* 16. Select the words that best describe the staff. (Select all that apply)

Section Three: The program helped me to...

* 17. Stop and think before I act

* 18. Understand how my actions may affect others

* 19. Take responsibility for my actions

* 20. To accept other people

* 21. To gain new skills

* 22. To listen to others

* 23. To better understand my feelings

* 24. To better solve problems

* 25. Write any other ways you think the program may have helped you

Section Four: Final Questions

* 26. Do you think the program you completed could help other youth? Choose the answer that applies

* 27. Give a score between 1 and 10 to indicate your overall satisfaction with the program.

* 28. What would you change about the program