You are being invited to take part in this survey because you have recently had a visit at Somerset West Community Centre. Your responses to the questions on this survey will help us improve the care we provide. Participation in the survey is voluntary and all your responses to the survey questions will be kept confidential.

* 1. Please check where you are completing the survey?

* 2. Overall, I found the centre welcoming, inclusive and comfortable (for example waiting room, decor, posters)

* 3. Thinking about the last time you telephoned SWCHC to ask a health related question were you contacted the same or next business day?

* 4. The last time you were sick or were concerned you had a health problem, did you get an appointment on the date you wanted?

* 5. The last time you were sick or were concerned you had a health problem, how many days did it take from when you first tried to see your doctor or nurse practitioner to when you actually SAW him/her or someone else in their office?

* 6. When you see your doctor or nurse practitioner, how often do they or someone else in the office…?

  Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always
a. Give you an opportunity to ask questions about recommended treatment
b. Involve you as much as you want to be in decisions about your care and treatment
c. Spend enough time with you

* 7. Thinking about the last year, when you were discharged from the hospital did you have contact with SWCHC within 7 days?