1. Answer the questions below about yourself.

Complete this question thinking about how well your experiences in Department of Automotive Engineering prepared you for the duties performed in your internship. Please use the five-point rating scale with one being the lowest and five being the highest rating possible.

1 - DID NOT PREPARE ME FOR THIS INTERNSHIP – Basic concepts and key skills were not covered in my courses at Clemson. I was not prepared to meet the needs of this internship.

3 - SOMEWHAT PREPARED ME FOR THIS INTERNSHIP – All of the basic concepts and skills were covered in my courses at Clemson. Some additional instruction would have been helpful.

5 - COMPLETELY PREPARED ME - Other than proprietary concepts related to my employer, I was well prepared for this internship.

  1 - Did NOT prepare me 3- Somewhat prepared me 5 - Completely prepared me
2.1 Engineering skills
2.2 Math skills
2.3 Science skills
2.4 Software skills
2.5 Hands-on skills
2.6 Verbal communication
2.7 Written communication
2.8 Punctuality and attendance
2.9 Ability to effectively work on team
2.10 Time management, ability to meet deadlines

For the next section, please think about your internship site. To what degree did your internship help you learn new skills or further develop your existing skills?

1 - NO SKILL DEVELOPMENT – This internship offered no value when it came to learning or improving skills in this area.

3 - SOME SKILL DEVELOPMENT – I learned some new skills or improved my existing knowledge in this area.

5 - STRONG SKILL DEVELOPMENT – My skills and knowledge in this area were significantly improved through this internship experience.

  1 No skill development 3 Some skill development 5 Strong skill development N/A
3.1 Engineering skills
3.2 Math skills
3.3 Science skills
3.4 Software skills
3.5 Hands-on skills
3.6 Verbal communication
3.7 Written communication
3.8 Time management, ability to meet deadlines
3.9 Ability to accept criticism
3.10 Effective use of interpersonal communication
3.11 Ability to work on a team

4. Based on your experience at this internship, would you recommend it to others?

5. Name the three things you wished that you learned in the Department of Automotive Engineering.

6. Name the three most important things you learned during your internship. This does not have to be limited to technical knowledge.

7. What do you wish you knew on your first day at this internship site?

8. If you have any general comments about this internship, please share them here.

9. Was this internship in your technical area?

10. Why did you select this internship?

11. Please type your initials in the box below to certify that this is an honest and accurate evaluation of your internship experience.