Your Favorite Classic Buildings

* 1. Rate these restored historic buildings.

  One of my favorites A classic A neat building A Little Over Rated
The Columns - Downtown Altoona
Keith Hilltop Terrace - Altoona
Hollidaysburg Borough Building
Altoona City Hall
Bell Mansion - Bellwood
Tyrone Library
Mamies' Cafe - Martinsburg
The Lakemont Casino
Penn State Downtown Center - Altoona
Reiser House at Canal Basin Park - Hollidaysburg
Railroaders Museum - Altoona
Mishler Theatre - Altoona

* 2. A future Earth Matters newspaper column will feature a listing of buildings that are important to preserve. Help us by sharing your favorite candidates. Tell what historic buildings you would like to see restored to their former architectural splendor.

  My top choice Be nice to save Interesting possibility Not worth saving
Highland Hall - Hollidaysburg
Frankstown Armory
The Gables Building - Altoona
The Brett Building (Across from the Altoona Post Office)
The Silverman/Penn Central Building (Across from the Altoona Post Office)
First Methodist Church - 12th Avenue, Altoona near the Mishler

* 3. Finally, indicate what buildings you most regret losing.

  One I miss the most It's a shame Not so tragic a loss Don't know this one
Altoona High Brownstone
Old Altoona Train Station
Bellwood Train Station
Roosevelt Junior High School
The Eagles Building - 12th Avenue, Altoona
Garfield Elementary School - 20th Street, Altoona
Noble Elementary School - Juniata

* 4. Thanks for taking our survey. A future Earth Matters column in the Altoona Mirror will look at those buildings that have been identified in this survey as being endangered. Feel free to add any additional comments or thoughts on our historic and environmental preservation challenges in the area.