Clarksville MTP 2045 Transportation Survey

Imagine the Clarksville Region in the year 2045. 

How will our neighborhoods look? 

How will we be connected to each other and the outside world? 

What will our transportation choices be?

We need a plan to move us forward into the future, and we're asking for your help.  The Clarksville Urbanized Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CUAMPO) would like to hear your thoughts on important transportation issues in the Clarksville Urbanized Area.  This area is comprised of Montgomery County, TN and the southernmost portion of Christian County, KY.  The Clarksville Urbanized Area includes the cities of Clarksville, TN; Oak Grove, KY; and a portion of Hopkinsville, KY.

The information collected from the following short survey will be used to help guide the development of a long-­range transportation plan for the Clarksville Urbanized Area.

This survey takes approximately 10-­15 minutes to complete.  The overall opinions that you provide in this survey will be used to develop a transportation plan to help everyone in the Clarksville Urbanized Area in the years ahead.   

Since your privacy is important, your individual responses will not be shared. 

* 1. What is your primary method of transportation?

* 2. How would you rank these issues with the current regional transportation system in Clarksville?

  0- Very Poor 1 2 3 4 -Excellent
Air Quality
Frequency and Severity of Traffic Crashes
Available Bicycle Lanes and Paths
Available Sidewalks and Pedestrian Trails
Traffic Congestion
Access to Public Transit
Roadway Pavement Condition
Access to Rail Service for Freight

* 3. Regarding the safety of the transportation system within the Clarksville region, please rate the following safety concerns:

  0- Not a Concern 1 2 3 4- A Major Concern
Drunk or Impaired Drivers
Pavement Conditions
Distracted Drivers (cell phone or texting)
Inadequate Signage
Curves on Roadway
Inadequate or no Sidewalks
Lack of Roadway Lighting
Difficult to Access Transit Stops

* 4. When you travel to work, school, or shopping, what is the most congested roadway or intersection that you experience in the Clarksville region?

* 5. When you travel to work, school, or shopping in the Clarksville region, what roadway section or intersection has the greatest need for improvements to increase your safety as you travel?

* 6. How often do you use the bus or other public transit?

* 7. How often do you walk or use a bicycle to travel?

* 8. Imagine that you were given $100 to invest in the following transportation improvements for the region.  Using the box next to each improvement type, please enter the portion of that $100 that you would dedicate to that specific improvement.  Make sure that your total amount of investment over all 11 categories does not exceed $100. Please enter a valid number 0 - 100.  Do not include dollar signs and make sure your answer is a whole number (no decimals).

* 9. How strongly would you support the following options as DEDICATED funding sources for transportation improvement?

  0- Would Not Support 1 2 3 4- Strongly Support
Collect taxes on miles traveled by users (User Fees)
Ticketing from Speed enforcement cameras
Increased property taxes
Additional sales tax for transportation projects
Increased hotel-motel tax rate
Tolls and public-private partnerships
Use of regional or local gas tax
Increased car rental taxes
Increased business and excise taxes
No increased revenues (expect additional delays and congestion)

* 10. How important are these factors to be considered in the priority of transportation projects?

  0- Not important 1 2 3 4- Important
Reduces congestion
Reduces the number of traffic crashes
Balances benefits vs. costs
Supports economic development
Improves freight movement
Provides pedestrian and bicycle facilities
Minimizes impacts on existing neighborhoods
Supports revitalization of existing neighborhoods
Minimizes impacts on the natural environment

* 11. How much time does it usually take for you to travel to work or school?

* 12. Optional: Please describe your race/ethnicity (check as many boxes as apply).

* 13. Optional: What is your approximate annual household income?

* 14. Optional: What is your age?

* 15. Do you have any additional comments?

* 16. Optional: If you would like to be added to the  email mailing list for study updates and meeting notices then please provide the following: