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About Jonno White and Clarity Group Global

<strong>About Jonno White and Clarity Group Global</strong>
Jonno White Coaches Heads of Schools and is a School Executive Team Retreat Specialist known for his unique approach to leadership development and team dynamics.

With a passion for partnering with Heads of Schools and getting in the trenches with them, Jonno brings a deep understanding of leadership challenges and provides support that goes beyond mere advice.

He is the Co-Founder of Clarity, a consultancy focused on helping Heads of Schools and the executives they lead to get even healthier as a team and to get clearer than ever before about their purpose, identity, and strategies to achieve their vision.

Having guided numerous executive team retreats in locations such as San Diego, Napier, Maryborough, Auckland and Brisbane, Jonno is highly skilled at creating a safe and productive environment where teams can explore their strengths, challenges, and aspirations.

CEOs often remark that Jonno's facilitation skills bring out the best in their teams, leading to breakthrough insights and enhanced collaboration.

In addition to his client work, Jonno is an accomplished author and podcast host. His book, "Step Up or Step Out," has resonated with over 10,000 leaders globally, providing practical guidance on navigating difficult situations with grace and dignity.

Jonno's Leadership Conversations Podcast has a global reach, with listeners in 100 countries and interviews featuring renowned leaders like Guy Kawasaki (former Chief Evangelist at Apple who worked with Steve Jobs), offering valuable insights for today's leaders and the leaders of tomorrow.

Clarity's blog is read by more than one million leaders each year and over 5,000 leaders from around the world have participated in Jonno's 7 Questions on Leadership interview series.

Jonno continues to invest in leaders worldwide by sharing his expertise and fostering growth and clarity in the leadership realm. Jonno lives in Brisbane, Australia with his wife Liz and one-year-old Roman.

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What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With Us:

<strong>What Our Clients Have To Say About Working With Us:</strong>
Graeme Budler, New Zealand

"I was reluctant at first to engage the services of Jonno as other contractors had disappointed in the past. Jonno quickly hit the mark and can best be described as engaging, thought-provoking and culture-shifting. I highly recommend Jonno and hope to use him in the future. You won’t be disappointed!"
Lyndall Waters - Australia

"Off-site work with Jonno White and our Leadership Team has been intense, challenging and stretching but ultimately highly rewarding.  The sacrifice of time has lead to rich new understandings and a strong sense of shared vision and purpose for our team.  The two-days leadership spent off-site before the start of the 2020 year, provided such clarity and renewed passion that our start to the year was the best we’ve ever had!

In the one on one coaching, it’s Jonno’s gentle and warm manner, his “less is more” approach and his genuine desire to facilitate growth in leaders which all combine to create a rare space in which self-reflection is safe, powerful and revealing.  Working with Jonno has helped me to consider all aspects of my leadership work, find direction for future endeavors, and has energized me for the road ahead."

Linda Anderson - United Kingdom

"Jonno's book is easy to read and offers clear, common sense and effective advice. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for ways to help their team work better together."

John Davis - United States

"The Employee Wellbeing Survey from Clarity was truly a godsend for our school. We needed to hear how our teachers and staff were really doing. The survey was an affordable way for us to get excellent data that will guide our administration and board as we work through these uniquely difficult times."

Christopher Martin - New Zealand

"Jonno is a passionate, experienced and responsive leadership consultant. His disarming approach when addressing challenging leadership questions engaged a wide spectrum of people leaders across our organisation.

Comfortable communicating with large or small groups, Jonno’s singular vision of investing in people to help organisations thrive...permeated all aspects of support, guidance and engagement offered.

Jonno uses research proven leadership methodologies as well as foundational...principles to deliver context appropriate strategies that engage participants in building tangible takeaways for use in the long and short term. My experience of working with Jonno resulted in greater clarity, more effective team and increased appreciation of organisational purpose and values."

Irma Le Roux Fourie - Australia

"As the SHCS Executive Team re-engineered our academic offerings within the constraints of the COVID-19 was important to us to ascertain how the different stakeholders within our SHCS community have experienced the strategic approach to education adopted by the School during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Jonno White from Clarity helped us devise surveys to glean the most important impressions from our staff through a SHCS Staff Wellbeing Survey; our students through a SHCS Student Remote Learning Experience Survey, and our families through SHCS Family Remote Learning Experience Survey.

It is safe to say that SHCS’ efforts, supported by the research findings of Clarity, to create a culture of academic excellence, combined with a unique experience of community amongst all the stakeholders within our School and beyond...has paid dividends in allowing us to successfully navigate the difficult circumstances we faced during the COVID-19 pandemic."
Ryan Blake - South Africa

"For years I've witnesses how other successful people around me, dealt with difficult individuals, some with success and some without. I always strugged to do so consistently, without it ending in drama.

Step up or step out has helped me, by providing me a method that helps me do so, consistently and without drama.I deal with many people in multiple other departments within the bank and have applied this methodology a few times, with great results.

I would highly recommend buying the book and learning to master what it teaches, it will improve the quality of your engagements with others at all levels."

Colette Budler - New Zealand

"Jonno really helped our leadership team to nail the ‘why’ of what we do. I have taught at this school for almost 20 years and thought I had the mission statement nailed, but working with Jonno really opened my eyes to think deeper. I loved the way Jonno worked with a brand new team to form a cohesive unit. He was professional, authentic and God honouring."

James Norman - Australia

"Jonno’s book Step Up or Step Out was THE thing I needed at a crucial point in the life of my ministry and business. I purchased it and then devoured it in the course of about 2 hours and found the exact recipe of wisdom I needed to handle a tricky situation that had been ongoing for months.

The book is not theoretical click bait - it’s practical, real world, fair dinkum management 101 material. It not only helped me deal with a difficult employee situation, but it helped us bring dignity and an amicable parting of ways to what could have otherwise been a disaster.

Not even 1 month later, I have engaged Jonno as a coach/mentor, have had the crucial conversation, am putting into practice the steps in the book, and both seeing and experiencing the starts of breakthrough in the tricky situation.

I would recommend EVERY manager, leader, pastor, teacher, or anyone who works with people to read Step Up or Step Out and put into practice the very wise, practical, and dignified approach to dealing with difficult people  and work situations."

Victoria Evans - Canada

"As a former Labour Relations Consultant and Senior Training Consultant with a Canadian provincial government, I found Jonno’s book, Step Up or Step Out, to be “right on the money” regarding mistakes managers often make when connecting with staff to discuss accountability and performance issues. 

In his book he clearly articulates one of the the best methodologies for getting staff to accept accountability and improve their performance or realize they are the proverbial  "square peg in a round hole”. The process can facilitate the difficult employee making the voluntary decision to step out to a different position where their skills better align with another company's culture and work environment.

It’s a good, quick read that offers a clear and precise process for managers (whether new or experienced) seeking help to successfully handle difficult employees and their non-performance issues, The process demonstrates ways to minimize the stress, conflict and potential for grievances and litigation often associated with non-performance issues." 
Paul Thompson - Australia

"We had the privilege of having Jonno work with our organisation through individual coaching sessions, small group work with leadership and collectively as a whole school. Jonno helped us understand where each individual fits within the bigger picture of the College’s mission and how each staff member has been called to this College for such a time as this. Working with Clarity provided opportunity for our individual and collective purpose to be refined and understood within the bigger (picture)..."

Jonathan Price - New Zealand

"Jonno is a fantastic presenter and facilitator. We so appreciated the skilful way he engaged with our team. In a short space in time he was able to move our team forward, working together towards achieving the vision of our organisation with greater clarity and purpose. I would thoroughly recommend Jonno for working with any management team in the future."

Alexandru Jurje - Romania

"I read the book in one breath. While trying to understand how to deal with difficult people, it taught me a lot about myself and how I need to learn to first set expectations, better communicate them and then keep people accountable. This book could save any leader a lot of time and pain. Wish I had it 30 years ago."

Chris Morrill - United States

"In his book, Step Up or Step Out, Jonno White provides very practical step by step actions to deal with those difficult employees which have such a negative impact on a team. I highly recommend it."

Jonathan Price - New Zealand

"Jonno is a fantastic presenter and facilitator. We so appreciated the skilful way he engaged with our team. In a short space in time he was able to move our team forward, working together towards achieving the vision of our organisation with greater clarity and purpose. I would thoroughly recommend Jonno for working with any management team in the future."

Neelima Deshpande - India

"I would recommend Step Up or Step Out to anyone who has struggled with conflict at work or even at home. The step by step approach detailed here makes setting boundaries and expectations so much easier and stress free.

I wouldn't say I enjoy conflict after reading and applying the steps in the book but I'm far less bothered by it than I used to be. I no longer dread difficult discussions or difficult people. Thank you for a wonderful practical and useful book."

Keith Swenson - Mongolia

"I've used the very simple methods in the "Step Up or Step Out" book by Jonno. One person has moved on and a second has decided to stay and improve his performance after discussing where we need to go from here. Very simple straightforward way of addressing people who you work with to do better or move on."

Taryn Haynes-Smart - South Africa

"I had been struggling to connect meaningfully with a direct report when I came across Step Up or Step Out. The write up immediately resonated with me. Reading it provided me with clarity on what I needed to do. I established a regular one on one coaching connect on a weekly basis which has definitely changed the relationship for the better."
Andrew Iles - Australia

"Jonno presents a refreshing perspective, not ‘earth-shattering’ but refreshing. I say that because the bulk of what he achieves is done by the listener answering his questions. That’s right, Jonno helps you answer your own questions by asking more!

Who’d have thought gaining clarity came from asking the right questions, because we mostly only ever spend our time seeking answers. Jonno’s curiosity enables him to reach the heart of the person enabling them to define their own path." 

Paul M. Boomer - United States

"You don’t have to be a psychologist or have an advanced degree in HR to use Step Up or Step Out. It’s a process every manager in your business, even the owner-operated companies, should learn and use. And when you do, your other employees will thank you for providing what they seek, direction and clarity. Written to be understood by a ninth grader and with step-by-step directions, Step Up or Step Out will become a tool in your culture-related toolbox."

Brendan Hosking - Australia

"Jonno White was engaging and down to earth. His ability to instantly connect with our staff and the goals of our organisation proved most valuable. His down to earth nature provided an excellent platform for our staff to openly share their personal story and provided enough of a push to help our teams consider steps to grow and improve."

Alison Petersen - Australia

"Through a relaxed and engaging interactive session, Jonno was able to lead the team to a crescendo of clarity about our mission and vision, simply by posing of series of thought-provoking questions and then working the room to bring those into focus.  The session inspired many of us with a fresh revelation of the significance of our function individually and corporately."

Logan Lee - United States

"As a Church Planter, I am daily dealing with all sorts of personalities, temperaments, and characters when it comes to team building! Jonno's book has helped me see what signs to look for when it comes to working with the RIGHT people, and putting them on my team! We can all learn how to 'deal' with difficult personalities in a loving way, by engaging in small battles. If you've ever wondered just why difficult people are so difficult - Read this book first!"

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