Mayo County Council and Claremorris Chamber of Commerce are preparaing a plan for the rejuvenation of Claremorris Town Centre. The plan will contain measures that aim to:

1. Ensure that Claremorris Town Centre will be a vibrant place from a commercial and visitation point of view both now and in the future
2. Ensure that the facilities contained within the town centre are those that are meet the needs of Claremorris residents
3. Put in place steps to build the commercial viability of Claremorris Town Centre for the future

We kindly ask you to provide us with your feedback as to what you would like to see happening in the town centre through completing this short survey.

Thank you

Question Title

* 1. Please descibe what you would like to see in Claremorris Town Centre, 10 years from now?

Question Title

* 2. For Claremorris to Prosper in the future, how important are the following actions?

  Very important Important Somewhat important Not important
More shops and services in the town centre
Free car parking
More jobs in the town centre
More customers in the town centre spendng money
A brand and image for Claremorris
More signage into and out of the town
More activities and events to attract people
Better use made of market square

Question Title

* 3. Do you think any of the following are problems or issues when you wish to visit Claremorris Town Centre?

  Big Issue Somewhat Small Issue No Issue
Paid Parking
Car Parks to far from Town Centre
Poor range of shops and services
Traffic Congestion
Pedestrian access
Look and feel of the Town Centre

Question Title

* 4. What are the best features of Claremorris as a town? Please rate 1 to 4 with 4 being the highest rank

  Poor Medium Good Excellent
Town Centre with good range of shops and services
Edge of Town Shopping Centres
Good road access to Claremorris
Easy Parking in Town Centre
Friendly staff in shops and businesses
Attractive Town and Streetscapes
Public Transport
Pedestrian Access

Question Title

* 5. Have you any ideas of projects that you would like to see developed in Claremorris Town Centre?