How are the SDGs traveling in your world?

Like many around the world we, at the Center of Sustainable Urban Development (CSUD) in the Earth Institute at Columbia University, are deeply worried by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) October 2018 Report, the November 2018 US National Climate Assessment, the message from the December 2018 COP 24 climate talks in Poland, and the possibility that the world might not meet the inclusive objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We support the need for positive actions, and invite you to join us in our efforts towards that end.

In this SURVEY, and in CSUD’s upcoming Agenda 2030 LOCAL PROJECT CHALLENGE, our aim is to accelerate positive actions in cities through a focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the New Urban Agenda (NUA).

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Your response to the Survey will help us explore the take up of the SDGs and the NUA - how and where - and greatly assist our efforts towards our goal of encouraging positive action. The basic Survey should take approximately seven minutes. We would appreciate any extra comments you want to make.

We are reaching out to City Makers in education, the urban professions and civil society, and especially encourage participation by youth, women and LGBT communities.

Urban educators, researchers, administrators and students

Urban Professions
National, regional and local government; professionals in architecture, planning, urban design, landscape architecture, placemaking, engineering, transport and the arts.

Civil Society
CBOs (community based organizations), NGOs and FBOs (faith based organizations).

The City Maker Survey is Stage One of our efforts to support the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Results will assist us in launching Stage Two - The Local Project Challenge. The Challenge will invite City Makers to develop useful and innovative Local Projects that respond to the SDGs. Stage Three will share Agenda 2030 Design, Planning & Policy project outcomes online with local and global audiences, and with delegates at the largest global gathering on urban issues: the World Urban Forum. Travel scholarships will be raised for winning Project teams. Survey results will also be shared online and through publications.

Anna Rubbo, Elliott Sclar and Jacqueline Klopp
Center for Sustainable Urban Development The Earth Institute, Columbia University, New York

Vera Tangari
Architecture and Urbanism, Federal University, Rio de Janeiro

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