1. Patient Satisfaction Survey Part 1 of 2

At Citrus Dental Care we really want to know how we are doing. Please tell us what you think, there are only 8 questions and the survey takes no more than 2 minutes to complete.

* 1. What attracted you to Citrus Dental Care?
Please tick all that apply.

* 2. How easy was it to

  Very difficult Difficult Average Easy Very easy
make an appointment
contact us by phone
contact us by e-mail

* 3. With regards to reception;

  Very much somewhat Not really Not at all
were you made to feel welcome
were you helped quickly
given clear information

* 4. How could we improve your experience at reception?

* 5. At your visit, did the dentist

  Very much Somewhat Not really Not at all
listen to you
put you at ease
examine your mouth throroughly
answer your questions
provide pain free treatment
provide clear information on costs