As of 10/28/2018, this survey is no longer open.  Feel free to take the survey so that you can see what was asked, but your responses will not become part of the final analysis of results.

In 2014, Vienna created Maple Avenue Commercial (MAC) zoning to allow construction of mixed-use (housing plus retail) buildings along Maple Avenue.  There are now five such buildings approved or under review.

Purpose of this survey: This survey is intended to let Vienna citizens and the Vienna Town Council know what the average Vienna resident thinks about the changes planned for Maple Avenue.

Contents:   This survey asks your opinion about these new buildings.  We would also like to know what you would change about this new zoning law.  

Sponsor:   This survey is sponsored by a group of Vienna residents.  This survey is NOT affiliated with Town of Vienna government.  A summary of the results from this survey will be posted on and sent to the Vienna Town Council.

Estimated time.  This survey should take about 10 minutes.   Only the very first question requires an answer.  You can skip any other question that you do not feel like answering (though we prefer than you answer them all.)

A note about scrolling.  You can scroll up and down within a single survey page, but once you hit the "next" button, you can't go back to a prior page.

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