The Circle of Giving grant is an opportunity for your chapter of Pi Kappa Phi to financially impact a local organization serving people with disabilities with whom your chapter visits regularly throughout the year.

To be eligible for a Circle of Giving grant, a chapter must fundraise at least $1,000 a year and have an active volunteer relationship with a local organization that serves people with disabilities.

Circle of Giving grants will be awarded based on a chapter's overall involvement with The Ability Experience including, but not limited to, chapter fundraising total, number of members participating in a national Ability Experience event and interaction with your local partner organization.

*Late applications will not be accepted.

Chapters will be notified in January whether or not they have been awarded a Circle of Giving grant and the amount that has been awarded to your local partner organization. Grants will be awarded up to 25% of the chapter's fundraising total and not all chapters are guaranteed to receive a grant.

Please contact Andrew Matznick, director of program development, with any questions at


Please list the contact information for the local organization with whom the chapter has a volunteer relationship.

Which choice best describes the length of your chapter's relationship with the local partner organization?

Select the option that best describes the number of times the chapter has volunteered with your local partner organization in the last year.

Approximately what percentage of the chapter has volunteered with your local partner organization at least once in the twelve months.

Describe the volunteer activities that the chapter has participated in with the local partner organization in the last year.

How many chapter members participated in a national event in 2015?

The Ability Experience appreciates the work your chapter does to support people with disabilities. In an effort to better serve you, please provide any feedback on how we can aid in developing your relationship with the local partner organization.

If available, please share any photos and/or stories of the chapter interacting with your local partner organization by visiting and click 'Submit News' in upper right corner. These photos and/or stories may be used in future publications of Pi Kappa Phi and The Ability Experience.