* 2. How did you hear about Children's International Medical Group?

* 3. Did we answer your phone call promptly and with a friendly tone of voice?

* 4. Was our receptionist kind and helpful?

* 5. Were you seen within 20 minutes of your scheduled appointment time?

* 6. Was your medical assistant kind and helpful?

* 7. Which healthcare provider did you see today?

* 8. Did your healthcare provider listen to and address all of your concerns?

* 9. Was your healthcare provider kind and helpful?

* 10. Did you find our office clean and comfortable?

* 11. How would you rank your overall experience with us today?

* 12. Was this your child's first visit to Children's International Medical Group?

* 13. Would you refer a friend or family member to this clinic?

* 14. Do you follow us on Facebook?

* 15. Do you have our free mobile apps (iPhone and Android)?

* 16. Have you visited our website?

* 17. Do you use our Patient Portal?

* 18. How would you like to see Children's International Medical Group more involved in your local community?

* 19. What can we do better?

* 20. Please provide your name, email, or phone number so we can contact you if necessary. All survey responses are confidential.
If you would like a personal follow up regarding your survey, please email