Visitor Survey

The stages are down, the fiddles are in their cases, so now's the time to review and retool to make next year's event even better.  
We value your opinion and ask that you take just a few moments to give us your thoughts and recommendations.
Slainte and remember, Live More Life Be More Irish!

* 1. How often have you attended Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival?

* 3. How did you puchase any of the following?

  At the Festival Online
Admission Ticket(s)
Music CD(s)
Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival Tee Shirt(s)
Whiskey Tasting Ticket (at festival only)
Beer Tasting Ticket (at festival only)
Mead Tasting Ticket (at festival only)

* 4. How would you you rank these Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival Attractions?

  #1 - My favorites #2 - Take it or leave it #3 - I must have missed this #4 - Not my cuppa
"Easter 1916: The Aftermath" Play
Abbey Theatre
Beverage Concessions
Craft Beers/St. James Gate Beer Garden
Dogs of Eireann
Friday Happy Hour
Irish Consul O'Brien's Visit and Presentation
Irish Dancers
Merchandise Vendors
New Food Vendors
Recycling Program
Temple Bar
Temple Bar Museum
Tir na nO'g Children’s Area
Whiskey Tasting
Workshops, Presentations, and Mad Sessiums


* 5. The Festival offers American Fare: burgers, Italian sausage, Italian sub sandwiches, cabbage & noodles, fries, funnel cakes, hot dogs, elephant ears, ice cream, ears of corn, reuben sandwiches, cheese sandwiches, garden salads, stuffed baked potatoes, smoothies, popcorn and kettlecorn, root beer floats, hand-rolled pretzels, fresh fruit and lots of kids menu items.

We also offer: Dublin burgers, boxty, bangers, Galway Bay dogs, cottage ham and Kerrygold, fresh banger on a stick, Belfast chicken fingers, Tullamore grilled chicked legs, angry leprechaun burgers, Hooley hunks, Hooley hunks salad, Irish egg rolls, Irish spuds, corned beef and swiss sandwiches, and more.

What else would you like to see on the menu?

* * 6. Our playing fields are limited by concrete and stone, but we added a nearby field for Irish football and Rugby games and a tournament; and onsite space for cornhole and dart tournaments, and for kid's Gaelic football skills/drills and exhibition match.  Did you attend any of these?

* * 7. How we can improve Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival? More or different activities, workshops, etc.

* 8. What can we know about you?

  Younger than 18 18 - 35 36 - 50 51 - 70 Older than 70

* 9. Did you travel far to Cleveland Irish Cultural Festival?

* 10. Overall, how would your rate your enjoyment of the event?

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