Please take five minutes to answer these questions candidly. The information you provide will be used to identify and match section members’ interests and expertise with action plans for this 2010 year and upcoming years. Thanks in advance for your time and contributions.

1. Which of the following CHPPD Section Policy Priorities would you be willing to work on with a team because of your interest or expertise? (Select up to three)

  1 2 3
Community Health Improvement
Health Information Technology
Health Equity
Social Determinants of Health
Built Communities
Health Reform/Quality of Health Care/Certificate of Need
Community-Based Participatory Research
Vitamin D Education and Research
Data Systems/Geographic Information Systems

2. Which of the following topics (identified at the March 16 CHPPD Section Conference call) would you be MOST willing to work on in 2010? Please select only one choice.

3. Which of the following activities are you most inclined to work on because of your interest or expertise? (Select up to three)

  1 2 3
Helping to maintain the website
Coordinating an oral presentation/poster session for the annual meeting
Serving a leadership role
Developing a policy statement
Coordinating a webinar
Contributing to the newsletter
Developing and evaluating an advocacy network
Raising funds for specific projects

4. If in the US, which region do you work in? If you are not from one of the US states, please identify your country.

5. What is your primary role in community health(Choose one)?

6. How long have you been affiliated with the CHPPD Section?

7. Please let us know how we can contact you.