About the Project

For more than a quarter century we have been collecting stories from people around the world about their play experiences as children.  Our goal is to compile a broad data base of information about children’s play that will be useful to people in many fields.  A major intent is to determine how the play of children has developed over time and in different cultures.  Results of the study will be available in print and on the internet.  Essentially, it is an ambitious effort to chronicle the play of youth over many generations across the globe.

We invite you and other members of your family to participate in our project.  We believe their are personal benefits to people who participate.  In addition to sending us their stories, we encourage respondents to make a copy of their stories as part of a family archive. 

Please consider the following points when completing the questionnaire and in helping others to contribute:

The context for stories is important; that is why we are asking for demographic information.
Some are not comfortable in writing about their experiences.  We invite such persons to contact us for an interview.
Others, perhaps particularly the elderly or those whose first language is not English, may require assistance in completing a questionnaire.  Please assist by acting as a scribe.
The most important part of our study is the actual stories about play that people recall about their early years.  Accordingly, we invite participants to provide detailed accounts of what transpired in their childhood play.

Most people who have participated in our project have found thinking about and recording their memories to be a very pleasant experience; we trust you will as well.

We are asking participants to help us extend our network of contacts in order to gather stories.  We are particularly interested in gathering childhood reflections from people in the same family.  Please consider asking family members and friends to take part in our project as a piece of their family history.