What are we doing?  The Township is starting the process of updating the Zoning Ordinances, and we are looking for residents to actively participate throughout the process.  Community involvement is imperative to insure that all residents have a voice in the decision-making process.

Why are we doing it?  Our Zoning Ordinances govern the way our homes, businesses, farms, and land look and operate.  As time passes, updates become necessary to maintain a quality of life and focus on our community’s vision and use.  Coordinating our zoning ordinances with our master plan insures compliance, direction and vision for all township residents.

What is the timetable and when are the meetings?  The community open house is step one.  Steering committee meetings and focus group meetings will continue throughout the year.  Check the zoning website for updates at www.chikamingzoning.com.  The project will be complete by the end of 2017.

Your contact information will only be used to keep you informed about the project. However, please feel free to leave blank any information that you do not feel comfortable sharing.


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