* 1.  What would you say is the most challenging part of your job from the list below:

* 2. Do you currently communicate makeup designs with clients using any apps?

* 3. Do you wish you could show clients what the makeup would look like on their face before you applied it in real life?

* 4. If you could show a client what makeup looked like on their photo or by having them look thru a live camera, would you?

* 5. Do you currently use a makeup app to experiment with makeup for yourself or clients?

* 6. Which makeup app do you use (multiple choises)?

* 7. What method do you use to manage your clientele and their files (multiple choices)?

* 8.   If there is a way to manage your clients and all their files in one place, would you be willing to use it?

* 9.   Are you affiliating with any of the following brands (multiple choices)?

* 10. If you work for a makeup counter, rank the issue you’ve encountered the most, 1 being the most frequent, 3 being the least (You may skip this question if this does not apply to you):

* 11. For makeup counter artists, how many customers try on makeup?

* 12. For those customers who purchase makeup, how many try the makeup beforehand it? 

We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this survey! Each survey completion will result in entry into a raffle for a gift bag filled with our favorite products:
  • Bioderma skin care
  • Real Techniques brush set
  • MAC makeup product
  • LIT cosmetics glitter
Two winners will be selected on April 2nd, 2017!

* 13. Thank you again! Please include your mailing address for your gift!

* 14. Social Media Information