* 1. Did you read the Septic Question Project Final Report?

* 2. Was anything related to septic system use left out of the report?

* 3. In most counties in Michigan, after a septic system is installed, there is no required follow up. This means that there is no required inspection or maintenance on septic tanks once they are installed. Knowing this, are you:

* 4. On a scale of one (1) to ten (10) how serious do you feel the issue of failing septic tanks is for natural water resources in Northern Michigan?

* 5. The report cited a study conducted by Michigan State University and published in 2015 that found 100% of the rivers tested in the Lower Peninsula contained human fecal matter. Knowing this, are you:

* 6. In the report four policy options were discussed in detail.  Below you will find short descriptions of each option, followed by a question:

Maintaining the Status Quo--This option does not effect any change.  It relies solely upon educational outreach by the Health Department, local governments, and local non-profits to inform citizens of the importance of inspecting and maintaining their septic tanks.  It does not require additional action and keeps things as they are now.

What do you think about the option to Maintain the Status Quo?

* 7. Time of Transfer Inspection Ordinance--This option requires inspections of septic tanks to be completed at the time of sale or transfer of property. If issues are found during inspections, this approach usually requires a plan for remediation and a future inspection to ensure compliance.

What do you think about the Time of Transfer option?

* 8. Mandatory Pumping Ordinance--As the name suggests, this option requires septic tanks to be pumped at regular, specific time periods and property owners are required to submit proof of compliance.

What do you think about the Mandatory Pumping option?

* 9. Mandatory Inspection Ordinance--This requires every septic tank to be inspected regularly, within a certain time frame. Property owners submit proof of inspection then follow recommendations specific to them after inspection.

What do you think about the Mandatory Inspection option?

* 10. Please rank your preference for the options explained in the report. (1 being the most preferable and 4 being the lease preferable method).

  1 2 3 4
Maintaining the status quo
Time of transfer ordinance
Mandatory pumping ordinance
Mandatory inspection ordinance

* 11. Are there any options you feel would be unwise to implement?

* 12. Would you prefer to implement any of these programs on a township level or county level?

* 13. How important is it to you as an official to address the issue of failing septic tanks?

* 14. Michigan is the only state in the nation that does not have a statewide sanitary code. After reading the report, would you support legislation to pass a statewide code?

* 15. Are you an elected or appointed official?

* 16. How long have you been in your position as an official?

* 17. Any additional comments: