1. Introduction

Searching for the best chat-up line? We mined the Edinburgh Chat-Up Scale questionnaire devised by Matthew Cooper and colleagues at Edinburgh University for the 14 top pick-up propositions. Now it's time for you to see how well you can tell which ones will land the catch.

This quiz, like the study it's based on, only looks at the success of chat-up lines delivered by men trying to attract a mate of the opposite sex. If you don't fall into that category, sorry, but you'll have to rely on your native charm.

Each question sets the scene, and includes a dialogue between an aspiring male Romeo and the female object of his attentions. It's up to you to judge how successful you think the man's chat-up line will be.

Rate each scenario as a good, neutral or bad approach, where a good approach is likely to make the woman in the example want to continue the conversation, and a bad approach is more likely to make the woman want to bolt like a startled gazelle. 

After each question, we'll reveal how participants in Cooper's study rated the approach. Do you agree with them?

Finally, we'll ask you to rate your ultimate chat-up line. We'll reveal the results of our survey on My NewScientist next week.

Question Title

* Judge the chat-up lines from the perspective of