We use this survey to influence funding and support for UK non profits

Thank you for helping to build the 2024 Charity Digital Skills Report, by Zoe Amar and Nissa Ramsay, with fantastic support from Catalyst, Pixeled Eggs and Stopgap.

Our resource is widely shared and used to inform funding and support. We believe this should be inclusive and help organisations like yours to determine how you want to move forward. You can read the 2023 report here.

About the survey
  • The survey is open until midnight on Friday 26th April 2024
  • You can find a Welsh language version of the survey here
  • You’ll need 20 minutes, a cup of tea and feel ready to reflect
  • You can take a break (just stay on the same device and browser to return to your responses)
  • You can skip any questions (none are compulsory) if they do not feel relevant, or if you do not want or know how to answer them (preview our questions here)
  • The survey is designed for any not for profit organisation in the UK voluntary, charity and social enterprise sector at any stage with digital
  • Some questions will feel less relevant if you are from a very small organisation with no paid staff (please skip these)
  • It helps if you know about digital work and plans in your organisation. If not, you could pass this survey on, consult with colleagues or complete it as a team
What we ask
Our questions are straightforward and do not require technical knowledge (you can preview our questions here). We ask about:
  • How you perceive digital progress, skills priorities and challenges in your organisation
  • Using social media and engaging audiences online
  • What role digital tools have in your service delivery
  • Your approach to using AI (artificial intelligence) tools
  • Any steps you are taking to reduce your carbon footprint
  • How funding and support could help you move forward with digital
  • CEO and board digital skills
How the survey can help you too
Previous participants told us the survey helps to:
  • Take a step back to think about what you have and need
  • Reflect (as a team) on what is really holding you back
  • Spark ideas and think about areas of digital which are new to you
  • Contribute your voice to inform funding and support for your region and sector
  • Find out more about topics and support (we provide links)
Optional benefits
You can also choose to:
  • Receive a PDF copy of your responses to keep
  • Nominate your organisation’s work to feature on our website and social media
  • Enter our prize draw to win one of five prizes of £500 (unrestricted funding)
5% of survey complete.