Creating a more resilient future together

Thank you for being here! Help us learn from each other and shape the outcomes of the Changing the Tune project by taking this survey for folk music presenters. This survey will take about 10-20 minutes to complete, depending on your response to various questions. Please note: your answers will be saved as you go along and may be included in our analysis even if you do not complete the entire survey. You can edit your responses at any time until you submit the survey.

Question Title

* 1. This particular survey is intended specifically for folk music presenters. Are you or your organization a folk music presenter?

Changing the Tune is a new initiative from the Folk Alliance International in partnership with Majestic Collaborations and with the support of Performing Arts Readiness. Learn more here. Results of this survey will be used to assess the specific circumstances, challenges, and successes experienced this year by members of the Folk Alliance community, create resources and best practices to address the interests and needs identified by respondents, and develop mechanisms for peer-to-peer learning and mutual aid within the network. 

Data use policy: We value your privacy and rights to data regarding your organization. Information you provide in this survey may be used anonymously to document ongoing safety and resilience efforts and to shape the tools and resources developed in the Folk Alliance Changing the Tune project. In addition, within the survey you may have the option, but not the obligation, to contribute more detailed information about your or your organisation’s practices through open-ended response questions. You will have an opportunity to specify whether you would like us to attribute you or your organization by name should we want to publicly share any of the information you provide in these responses. See our complete data use policy and privacy notice here.