Welcome to GitLab’s 2018 Global Developer Survey!

This survey aims to uncover current developer needs and satisfaction with management, tools, workflows, and industry trends. Topics covered include developer satisfaction, open source technology, workflows & collaboration, adoption of CI/CD practices, and developer tool preferences. This survey is anonymous. Data and results will be reviewed in aggregate. 

It includes 25 required questions and a handful of optional short answer questions for elaboration. The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete.

We are committed to putting out a quality and insightful report that can advocate for developer needs, improve the working relationship between developers and management, and shed light on what high-functioning development organizations are doing differently. In order to do this, we need a comprehensive set of questions. This survey was vetted by 10 internal GitLab developers and engineers to ensure it is high-quality and highly-relevant to developers.

As thanks for participating, we will be giving away 5 exclusive GitLab robes and 1 Nintendo Switch! You must provide an email address to be entered to win. Your privacy is important to us; email addresses will only be used for the drawing and will not be saved.