Are You An Alumni Change Agent?

Dear Alumni,

Do you run an NGO, non-profit , social enterprise or company whose mission is to create positive social impact? If so, we would like to hear from you!

AAI is launching a major initiative to collect information on alumni-led organizations around the globe that are making a difference in the world, and bring them into the AIESEC Alumni network as a part of our Alumni-to-World platform. Our goal is to allow alumni to connect, collaborate and contribute to each other’s efforts, harnessing the power of our collective energy and passion for positive change, and creating a multiplier effect on those efforts.

Selected participants in this survey will have the opportunity to present their organizations to all delegates at AAIC 2015 in Portugal and their profiles will be featured in upcoming editions of our monthly global newsletter. Once AlumNet is launched, each organization will have the opportunity to showcase their activities and collaborate with other organizations through our online Alumni-to-World community.

All projects, organisations and companies that are led by AIESEC Alumni, and whose primary aim is to have social impact are eligible to apply. We are keen to hear about your programs, your impact and how you measure it.

Help us to develop the AIESEC Alumni network into a positive force for making a difference in the world!

Very truly yours,

Juan Martín Branchi
Executive Board Member