Use this form as a worksheet to brainstorm all the important facts of your case.

* 1. Please provide your contact information

* 2. The first meeting--How did you encounter this donor? How was he/she identified as a prospect? What did you know about him/her initially, and how did you know it (including what you were able to discover through research before your first meeting)? Describe your first interaction and your first meeting, and your impressions. What did you observe? What did you learn directly from the donor? How did you follow up on this meeting? What makes this prospect similar to or different from other prospects with whom you’ve worked?

* 3. Assets--Describe the donor’s asset(s). How did you learn about them? What information do you wish you had that isn’t currently accessible?

* 4. Goals--Describe the donor’s goals, including financial, estate and charitable planning

* 5. Beneficiaries--Describe the donor’s family or other potential beneficiaries, including other charities.

* 6. The team--Describe the planning team for this gift, including all advisors who were consulted. If there were obstacles in identifying or communicating with advisors, please describe them.

* 7. Timeline--Provide a timeline of the milestones in the evolution of the gift. (Dates are not important, but time lapse is.) Include initial and revised proposals for gift plan, significant obstacles, advisor interactions, gift agreements and subsequent gifts.

* 8. Counting and crediting--Describe how this gift was treated by your organization. How did it figure in fundraiser performance metrics and program goal attainment (campaign or annual)?

* 9. Stewardship--Describe how this donor was stewarded, including recognition and follow-up contacts. What is the long-term plan for building relationship with this donor and his/her family, especially in case of turnover of fundraisers?

* 10. Take-aways--How did this donor/gift affect your practice as a charitable gift planner? How will you do things differently in the future because of this gift? What encouragements or cautions would you give to other gift planners because of this experience?