In 2018, ColdFusion Team will present a series of Breakfast roadshow events in US, India and Europe.

The purpose of these events will be to talk about the new features in the upcoming release as well as the exciting features added in the previous releases.

These events also provide a platform for professional exchange within and across the ColdFusion community in your area. The programme will be made up of interactive sessions giving the information and tools necessary for making your work easy.

At this stage we are attempting to gauge interest in such an event in your area. Please respond to the following survey so that we may ascertain your interest.

* 1. Which city would you be willing to travel in order to attend the roadshow?

* 2. How many other CF developers are there in your city?

* 3. What would be the ideal time for the roadshow meeting?

* 4. Please provide your contact information so that we could contact you when the roadshow is scheduled.