Thank you for starting a nomination form for Canada's CFO of the Year™ Award 2019. 

When completing the nomination form, please refer to the
Award Criteria and Eligibility Requirements.

Nominations close January 31, 2019.

Instructions: To save your progress on a page of the nomination form, click “Save and Continue”. To proceed with filling out the nomination form after the window is closed, you will need to return to the form on the same browser as used previously.

Please ensure that the nomination form is filled out on a browser that does not automatically clear cache and cookies. If the survey is accessed from a different browser or a browser with settings that automatically clear cache and cookies, your progress will not be saved.

Once submitted, the form can no longer be edited.


Nominee information will only be used for determination of the Award.

The Award recipient may be asked to participate in a profile article to appear in various Canadian media outlets and subsequent interviews. Once the Award recipient has been determined, the Canada's CFO of the Year™ Award program will liaise with the winner's organization to facilitate the aforementioned promotion.

By submitting a nomination, you are consenting to have this information collected by the third party platform, Survey Monkey, and to have the aforementioned nominee considered for Canada's CFO of the Year™ Award.

The Selection Committee reserves the right to select one or two eligible candidates to win Canada's CFO of the Year™ depending on the applicants circumstances. The Selection Committee may give special and separate recognition from time to time to an applicant or applicants who demonstrate an outstanding level of achievement in one or more of the six areas of the Award's criteria. These individuals, along with Canada's CFO of the Year™, will be recognized for their achievements at Canada's CFO of the Year™ gala.

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