MHTP Certification & Recertification Processes

The MHTP National Program Council (NPC) exists to represent and serve the priorities/interests of MHTP members. The Education Committee is a sub-group of the NPC, and we are eager to hear from you regarding your experience with the MHTP certification and/or recertification processes.

The purpose of this survey is to gather feedback from members of the MHTP community regarding the efficacy of the certification and recertification processes, to inform recommendations for improvement. 

Your feedback will help us identify areas for improvement. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey.
Your answers are anonymous but highly valued! This survey will close on October 25, 2019. Thank you!
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* 1. The following survey questions are constructed on a Likert scale, which centers around a neutral option that helps uncover the different degrees of opinions that people have.  For each of the following statements, select the choice that best reflects your perspective or opinion.

  Agree Completely Agree Somewhat Neutral / Not Sure Disagree Somewhat Disagree Completely
1. I am aware that the MHTP Board has established a CEU policy that includes criteria on types of activities and educational programs which qualify for CEUs.
2. I know how to access the MHTP CEU policy.
3. I am familiar with the different types of activities and educational programs that qualify for MHTP CEUs.
4. Currently, I believe that MHTP awards Continuing Education Unit (CEU) hours fairly, respecting my judgment on qualifying activities and hours.
5. I feel that I can easily accumulate 40 CEU hours every four years.
6. I feel that MHTP is supporting me in my efforts to earn the CEUs that I need.
7. Qualifying activities offered by MHTP are easily accessed in my geographic area.
8. Qualifying activities not associated with MHTP are easily accessed in my geographic area.
9. Submitting CEU hours for MHTP approval on a rolling basis would help me more easily assess my progress towards 40 CEU hours.
10. MHTP is open to awarding CEUs for relevant, alternative activities, such as TED Talks, palliative care workshops, End-of-Life Doula Conferences, training required by an employer, and current books and videos.
11. I have had an issue in my personal life – personal or family illness, aging parent, emergency, etc. – that has made accumulating 40 CEUs in a 4-year time period difficult or impossible.
12. If I accumulate more than 40 CEU hours in a 4-year span, I would like to see my extra hours rolled over into my new recertification period.
13. Reduced fees for CMPs to take or refresh Modules 1-4 is appropriate.
14. CMPs who present MHTP-approved workshops should be awarded CEUs for their time spent on research, planning and presentation.
15. CMPs who provide volunteer services to MHTP, such as being on a committee or assisting in modules, should be eligible for CEUs.
16. I am aware that MHTP has a Yahoo Group ListServ account.
17. I visit the Yahoo Group ListServ on a regular basis.
18. Posting MHTP webinars, workshops and other CEU activities on ListServ is the best way to alert CMPs to these activities.
19. MHTP communicates with CMPs about CEUs in a regular and timely manner.
20. I feel valued as a CMP by MHTP.

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* 2. In which state are you located?  If you work in multiple states, list your state of residence first and then include other states where you provide CMP services