About CESJ Summer Support Grants
Lang Civic Engagement & Social Justice (Lang CESJ) is pleased to announce that it has dedicated funding to Lang students who are pursuing some experience over the summer that is committed to social justice values, practice, and/or scholarship.

This program consists of two components:
1) A grant provided to students who are pursuing or have confirmed a summer experience/project that, without additional funding, is otherwise unpaid

2) A plan for reflection, documentation, and sharing of learning with students, faculty, and staff at The New School (and beyond)

Please carefully read the information below. If you have questions, you can email langcesj@newschool.edu.

Eligibility & Requirements

Who is eligible?
Lang students are eligible. Priority will be given to applicants who have not received funding from Lang CESJ in the 2017-18 academic year, to applicants with a 3.0 GPA or higher, and to applicants who will be returning to campus in Fall 2016.

What counts as a summer experience?
An experience of at least 170 hours over the span of the summer that would otherwise be unpaid, such as: an independent creative project, a volunteer opportunity, time spent organizing or on an activist initiative, and/or some other experience that has a mission, values, or impact relating to social justice/change, community-based work, and/or fighting inequity.

If I am accepted, what is required of me?
Grant recipients must work closely with Lang CESJ staff to develop a plan to document and reflect on their work, and engage with students/faculty/staff at Lang in Fall 2018. They must also submit an application to be a presenter in the Dean's Honor Symposium in Spring 2019.

Grants will be for up to $1,000.

The application provides space for you to indicate the amount of hours and the scope of your work, and to describe how that work correlates to your requested grant amount.

Dates & Deadlines

Applications are accepted on a rolling deadline with funding available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The final date by which you can submit an application for a CESJ Summer Support Grant is Friday, April 27, by 12am. 

PLEASE NOTE: You must be on campus and/or in New York up to a week after you submit your application to allow for time for application review and (in the event that you are selected for a grant) an on-campus meeting to set up payment disbursement. Again, we encourage you to apply as early as possible to accommodate for this meeting. If you are abroad or off-campus this semester, please email langcesj@newschool.edu.

Applicants will receive a response within 2 weeks of their application submission.

Application Materials

On the next pages you will submit all required application materials:
1. Applicant Information
2. Overview and Documentation of Your Summer Experience & Optional Name of Reference
3. Short Essay Responses
4. Resume & Transcript
Applicant Information

* 1. Name

* 2. Legal Name (for payment on a check, if different than above)

* 3. Gender Pronouns

* 4. New School email address

* 5. N number

* 6. Graduation year

* 7. Mailing Address (at which you could receive a check any time between June and August 2018)

* 8. Mobile phone number

* 9. Major(s) & area of study (if applicable)

* 10. Optional: What self-identities would you like us to be aware of?

Summer Project Details
Please describe in as much detail as possible the internship you will be pursuing this summer.

* 11. Location of experience

* 12. Please describe in greater detail the scope of your summer project, including the total amount of hours you will commit to it, and the configuration of that time commitment (e.g. 40 hours/week for 8 weeks; 3 hours per day for 10 weeks; etc.), and any specific needs this grant will cover.

* 13. List any employment or other significant time commitments, as well as salary and stipends from all sources, for summer 2018. If you have applied for other fellowships/scholarships, please also list them here.

Short Essay Responses
Please respond to the following prompts in 250 words or more.

* 14. How is this summer project connected to a social justice mission, vision, practice, or set of values?

* 15. How will this summer experience influence your goals for the future -- at Lang and/or in your life? Consider how this experience may impact your academic focus, your co-curricular or leadership involvement on campus, artistic practice, perspective on activism and organizing, and/or other future goals and projects.

Supplementary Materials
Email Transcript (PDF) to dawkinsc@newschool.edu
(this transcript can be an unofficial version; we are seeking a description of your coursework and your GPA)
Email Internship Offer Letter (PDF) to dawkinsc@newschool.edu
Additional Information

* 16. Provide any additional information you feel may be of possible interest to the Selection Committee.

Thank you!
Thank you for applying. We recognize your dedication to social justice work here at The New School and beyond, and look forward to reviewing your application. If you have further questions, please email Christina Dawkins at dawkinsc@newschool.edu