Planning for the next 5 years

Local Land Services work with land managers and the community to improve primary production within healthy landscapes. To learn more about our services visit our website

The Central Tablelands Local Land Services are currently planning where to prioritise our resources for the next 5 years, and are seeking community, stakeholder and partner input.
We would like to invite you to complete this survey. Your opinion and insight about your local world is really important and valuable to us and can help us tailor projects and programs for your local community

* 1. Where are you from?

* 2. Your main landuse (please pick most applicable to you, maximum 2)?

* 3. What area of land do you manage?

* 4. What are the main issues currently facing your industry or area of interest where you'd like LLS  to provide more support (pick your top 3):

* 5. What are the emerging (over the next 5 years) issues facing your industry or area of interest where you'd like  LLS to provide more support (pick your top 3):

* 6. Do you have any suggestions on how Local Land Services can work with you on your top issues?
(for example more research, demonstration trial, farmer discussion group, on ground investment or grants, field days, training etc)

* 7. What is your preferred method of getting information from us?

Please note that this survey is one important tool to assist us in our entire planning consultation process. 

We will also be holding local focus sessions for identified stakeholders and partners. 

Local Land Services would like to thank you for participating in this important survey.