Please help us to celebrate our students' interests and successes via our various media outlets. It could be anything from a sporting hero to a quirky collection of musical instruments! Here are a few ideas of what's gone before: Sporting representation; club links; former student successes; charity events; performing arts; international links, and a host of academic and enrichment successes or stories.

* 1. Your full name (correct spelling / no nicknames please)

* 3. School name (if not King Edward VI)

* 4. Headline

* 5. MAIN ARTICLE: use bullet points rather than long, continuous pros and focus on student names wherever possible. We can follow up for more information if needed.

Approx. 50 words minimum / 100 words maximum

List of points to include: This list is not exhaustive, nor mandatory. Please make a judgment as to what will make an interesting, informative article.

- Number, year group / gender
- Formal groups involved
- Community partners
- Key student involvement
- Key staff involved / in what capacity
- Wider community or international purpose or belief
- What is the future of the event / project / achievement etc.?

* 6. Name/s and year groups of main people involved, unless you are including these in article text (please check spelling)

* 7. Is this information time limited? (i.e. could it be stored and rolled over to the next edition?)

* 8. Photo? (Please send to or send Flickr link)