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Ideas for 2022 and Beyond

Survey closes on March 30. Respondents who indicate an interest will be considered for interviews for CEI's advisory board and committee positions. 

Trauma is ever present today. However, the Center for Educational Improvement (CEI) is dedicated to supporting schools and providing professional development to help us find a path forward. Your survey responses will guide our initiatives to heal personal, systemic, and worldwide trauma with your needs at the center. Responses are confidential. This is a brief 5 questions and estimated to take less than 5 minutes to complete.

By providing your contact information you also register for our drawing with these prizes: (1) A Grand Prize of $500, (2) 5-10 books: your choice of  one of CEI's books published with Corwin Press or Solution Tree on mindfulness, heart centered learning, or visioning (see, and (3) three S-CCATE subscriptions awards: a year's subscription to S-CCATE, our compassionate school culture assessment (valued at $1,200). 

Question Title

* 1. If you could make major changes in education, what would you do?

  a low priority A high priority Highest priority
Improve working conditions for teachers, administrators, and other school staff
Agree to one year of schoolwide changes - where each school could decide on how to "try something new" - with waiver from current expectations for academic testing and meeting performance standards
Focus on student mental health and self-care, including alleviating student trauma
Help students and staff find meaning and purpose, re-energizing an interest in education
Design and implement community and class projects
Review and redesign curriculum and instruction to address racism and injustice
Integrate better, more advanced technologies into schools
Promote partnerships with government, businesses, and families for community-based solutions
Use ESSER and other government funds for improving the physical structure for enhanced school safety
Arrive at solutions to gun violence in schools that take us away from lockdown/active shooter drills
Spend more time on reading and math

Question Title

* 2. How important are each of the following?

  Low Priority High Priority Highest Priority
Incorporating mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and/or breathwork into schools
Ensuring that happiness, laughter, and a sense of well-being are a part of each child's school day
Revising teacher/administrator credentialing and preparation to include information on neuroscience and neuroplasticity
Working with teams of teachers/staff to develop plans for professional development
Fostering compassionate school cultures that include alternatives to traditional punishment, supporting students who are most at-risk, and addressing student anxiety, racism, discrimination, and injustice
Giving students opportunities to help design individual goals and make decisions about what and how they learn
Going beyond traditional approaches to SEL to weave compassion, consciousness, and community building throughout the school day

Question Title

* 3. Would you be willing to:

  No interest Perhaps Yes, I am definitely interested
Participate in a CEI Focus Group to help develop plans and guidance for 2022 and beyond?
Help design CEI Study Groups to help schools move forward or participate on CEI Advisory Board or Committees
Be interviewed on a CEI podcast or webcast, so that we can share your views more widely?
Participate in CEI-led book study groups that might last 3-5 sessions?
Be interviewed for a CEI article in HeartMind eNews?
Serve as a CEI mentor
Collaborate with CEI staff and interns in implementation of innovative practices
Help sponsor CEI's work to alleviate childhood trauma
Arrange for interviews with students or staff from your school

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* 4. Register for consideration for Board or Committee positions and CEI rewards. Please provide the following information to register for our prize drawings.

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