Welcome to the CEEMID Music Professional Survey for 2019. Our aim is to compare concert opportunities, royalties, and grant possibilities for musicians in their countries with those of their colleagues in the wider region and Europe. The invitation to this survey has been prepared by grant managers, music export offices, collective rights organizations and other professional organizations. We would be happy if you sent this survey to colleagues in your country or in Europe. However, we ask that you do not make the link to this survey public on social media, in the press or elsewhere, because we only want to receive answers from music professionals.
If you wish to fill out this survey in English and answer the questions using euros, please select in the top right corner English (Europe). If you want to answer the questions using British pounds, please select in the top right corner English (United Kingdom). Please do not select the English (no country) version of the survey.
We will ask how many events, performances, sound recordings, and other works you have been professionally involved with in the past 12 months, and about your costs and income associated with these jobs. 

Your answers will not be linked to your name or any unique ID, and the privacy of your data will be strictly protected. Since the questionnaire can only be filled in once, if you do not have at least 10-15 minutes set aside to think about your budget and finances, then please begin filling it in at another time.
You can complete the questionnaire anonymously or using a secret identification code. You may have created a secret identification code if you have filled out one of our previous surveys. If you have not, you can do so now. If you want to compare your location with the average values for your country, or who want to compare the best Spotify voice recording features with your region's successful recordings, you will need to enter this unique ID and email address. 

For more information on our privacy and data management policies, please visit this link: In short, you will not be asked for your name and will only be sent the summary to your email address. We do not pass any email addresses or requested data summaries on to any third party.

Question Title

* 1. Would you like to fill out the questionnaire anonymously, or with a secret unique identifier code?

You can decide now, or at the end of the survey about creating a unique ID. We do not want to identify you by name – an ID is only needed if you would like to get a data summary back. We will send the summary of the identified data to your specified email address in June 2019.